Pastor Shirley Ann Thomas was born in Brooklyn, New York at Kings County Hospital to the late Mr. & Mrs. Lennon. She is the proud mother of Raymond, and grandmother to Delon and Annia Thomas.

Shirley moved from Brooklyn to Deer Park, Long Island, where she graduated from high school and married. She soon took a job as a cashier at Path Mark where she was promoted to Bookkeeper and then to Customer Service Manager (first Black, first woman manager). She held that position for 20 years and was with the company for 30 years. While working and raising a son, she attended Farmingdale University and Suffolk Community college, where she received a degree in Management.

Shirley was baptized at the age of 11 and was in and out of church. In 1985, she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and has dedicated her life to serving her Savior. As Shirley continued in her search to understand more about her Savior, she attended First Baptist Bible Institute at First Baptist Church of Deer Park, Long Island, Rev. Dr. Winfred J. Pippen, Regional Director & Division President, Rev. Warren J. Dotson, Director & Dean, for she believes II Timothy 2:15 "study to show thy self approved..."

Shirley is a member of Oil of Joy Ministries II, Inc. under the leadership of Apostle Patricia Rodgers-Wiley. She is a faithful intercessor and a true prayer warrior. She is a member of Fashioned For His Glory Women's Ministry. Through Oil of Joy Ministries II, Inc., Shirley has grown even more in knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible. She rededicated her life to Christ and was re-baptized in February 1996.

Shirley has received Certificates of Recognition for work done in the ministry, such as teaching on the Office of Prophet; Soul Winning; completed course in The Church in the New Testament; recognition for Faithful Service-Vision Partner with Creflo Dollar Ministries. She travels extensively throughout the Metropolitan Area, as well as, out of state as part of the ministering team. She also served on the Board of Save the Youth Choir (STY). In July, 1998 she was elected to the office of Pastor as an Assistant Pastor of Oil of Joy Ministries II, Inc. Shirley worships God in spirit and in truth, and she loves her heavenly Father.

Shirley tells about the Good News of Jesus to those who have an ear to hear and a heart to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. She is a fisher of the lost and leads them to Christ.