Auxiliaries & Departments

Ain't Misbehavin' Children's Ministry

A group of children ages 3-12 who are discovering and developing the skills and God-given talents which reside on the inside of them

CUIC (Couples Uniting In Christ)

A group of couples, married and engaged, that minister to one another through prayer, counseling and fellowship

Elder's Class

Ministers who meet once a month to exhort, edify, and build up those who are being rained for the five fold-ministries. Also, to resort leaders who minister to the body of Christ

Fashioned For His Glory

Women sharing information, ideas, and experiences as they help edify, exhort and build character

In the Word Bible Institute

To enlighten, educate people and to bring truth and revelation through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, for a life changing experience in the lives of the students

Men of Valor Excellence Mentoring Ministry

a group of men of all ages that come together to provide godly advice and mentorship in the areas needed to be complete functioning and responsible men of God by focusing on hurdles and obstacles that men are facing today. 

Katie Mae Rodgers Missionary Society

A group of individuals who's mission is to do God's foot work by helping to meet the needs of His people by visiting the sick, feed the hungry and various other missions

Out Reach Ministry

Gives back to the community, by planting seeds into schools as well as various other community groups, and scholarship to various students, just to name a few of the ministries out reach endeavors

OOJ Youth Ministry Ages 13-21

Young men and young ladies united to help motivate, develop a more positive attitude and to be all that they can be to "His Glory"


Helping to serve our leaders and guest speakers during services at the church

Covenant Keepers Christian Single's Ministry (CKC)

The purpose of Covenant Keepers Christian Singles Ministry is to fellowship with Christian Singles life in Christ

Mollie Mae Scullark Scholarship Program

to help those who are endeavoring to excel l to a higher level in education. Many have been assisted.

Host and Hostess

Ushering and helping to facilitate movement in the sanctuary during services

Social Media 

Connecting and sharing what is happening in our ministryvia facebook and other social media platforms

In addition, we have been blessed to have other ministries to come under the leadership and tutelage of Apostle Dr. Patricia Wiley. Each program has its own mission and its own vision for making that mission a reality. They all have a common factor, they all work toward the goal of making God's truth available throughout the world to all, who seek to know Him. They work together to make the gospel desirable to everyone without compromising the integrity and honor that God expects.

In August 1991, while in Saginaw, Michigan, Apostle Dr. Patricia Wiley visited an A.G.L.O.W. women's fellowship. As she sat at a table, waiting and listening to the praise and worship, the Lord began to speak to her.

He told her that He wanted her to start "Oil of Joy Ministries II", "A Haven for Hurting Hearts." He said to her that so many of His women were hurting and needed to be edified, exhorted, and built up so they could soar as He has called them to do. He also said "first the women, then the men will come."

Later, He gave her the symbol of a butterfly through her then secretary; Sister Ronell Lucas. Then He explained the meaning of our symbol:

He said many were in the cocoon stage (seemingly dead, with no life in them) because of hurts from families, friends, churches, etc. But as Oil of Joy Ministries II, by the Holy Spirit, enables us to exhort and build up these people, the cocoon transition begins and the worm-like creature develops into a beautifully and wonderfully made butterfly with its own uniqueness. God's own creation fragile and exquisite, able to soar in His freedom and not be held back from doing what God has called them to do.

On August 10, 1991, in the basement of Deacon & Mrs. Kater Rodgers, this Ministry was born. The ministry has since grown from 15 women in our first service to hundreds of men, women boys, and girls attending services on a regular basis. Because of this growth, we moved to the Resurrection Temple of Our Lord Church in December 1991 upon Apostle Wiley speaking with the presiding pastor, Rev. Nathaniel Kelly.

We praise God for our then church home, and love Pastor & Mrs. Kelly. We praise and thank God for the growth and elevation. We moved temporarily to Faithway Deliverance, where Rev. Booker is the pastor. We currently are worshipping in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, 104-105 Glenwood Road Brookyn, NY 11236 between East 104-105th streets.

Many Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors and fire-filled women and men of God have come to exhort and bless us by and through the Word of God, coming from places such as Houston, Michigan, Tulsa, Virginia, Chicago, Mississippi and New York. We have truly been blessed by them all!

As we move into greater blessings, which God surely has in store for us individually and corporately, we choose only to do things God's way. The Ministry's purpose is to fulfill God's plan for His children. So don't be discouraged � look up and see God for who He really is! Therefore, whatever your call in life is, don't be cast down in your spirit, but soar as God has called you to do.


Oil of Joy Ministries II, Inc., is an inter-denominational fellowship of Christian men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ and are called according to His purpose, to be a "network" of caring people. Our purpose is to fulfill God's plan for His children.

We have been called to extend open arms to those who are seeking the Love of God found in Jesus Christ. Isaiah 61:3: "To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified".

Our mission is to exhort, edify, and build up the body of Christ so that we can each soar as God has called us to do. Many people are not walking in the beauty God has equipped them to walk in.

They are walking in the caterpillar stage instead of being the beautiful butterfly God has called them to be. Oil of Joy Ministries II, Inc., has been called and anointed by God to pull this beauty out, by introducing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to all so that each one can see how He makes a difference.

As we move into greater blessings, which God surely has in store for us individually and corporately, we choose only to do things God's way. Whatever your call in life is, don't be cast down in your spirit, but soar as God has called you to, realizing that "we are fearfully and wonderfully made in Him."